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Many will argue that on balance Adenhauer was very successful politically, economically and in terms of foreign affairs. The Olympic Games were held in Berlin in Those leaning towards the left-wing wanted more of a communist government like that of Bolshevist Russia.

Report on last years exam Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany Most surprisingly there were a number of candidates who failed to consider the Depression or who knew very little about Hitler.

OCR AS History: Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany 1919-63

In Poland from after the Final Solution onwards the camps were also being used to exterminate Jews on a large scale from different parts of Nazi occupied Europe and gypsies, homosexuals etc. Questions will not be based on the following: They have been chosen because they enable candidates to ask significant questions about important issues.

At the age of eighty-one, he was almost the un-crowned king of Germany. Candidates answer 2 questions, either two questions from one Study Topic or one question from each of two Study Topics. Once again, with a new topic area and with a question set on the central topic it does not appear to bode well for the future and centres should ensure that they cover the whole topic equally Background for the postwar question General Introduction Bythe Cold War between the western powers and the Soviet Union was becoming more important than the question of how to deal with defeated Nazi Germany.

Teachers will need to provide historical background; context; and an awareness of how their chosen unit is located within the longer term developments of the topic of enquiry.

Showed not everyone was going to conform. The construction of the Berlin Wall in August and the sealing of borders by the East Germans made his government look weak. Both led by Himmler; known for being totally obedient and committed to the regime.

It exploded, but Hitler survived.

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Why did the Royalists lose the First Civil War. In retaliation, 5, people were executed. A mere four years after the defeat of Hitler, and in the light of the disastrous experience of Weimar democracy, how could the stability of the new democratic system be ensured in the long run. Obscure terms are annotated.

InGermans had themselves brought about the defeat of the monarchy and established a democracy; inthe new democratic political system was at least in part imposed by the occupying powers. Film and cinema became intensely popular and German directors were renowned for their high quality work.

Concentration camps and torture chambers first surfaced in for criminals, asocials and opposing individuals. In March a election was called. The Soviets sent a second note, courteous in tone. In the following debate in parliament Adenauer stated: There is a particular focus on A01 a and b and A02 a.

No set answer is looked for but candidates will need to address the question. Each is of sufficient length, depth and breadth to provide a coherent and worthwhile study within a given period. This continues to be a popular topic and attracts a wide range of answers. It requires own knowledge as part of the evaluative process — to confirm, extend or question the evidence of all the sources and, in so doing, to understand that the sources may either support or refute the interpretation.

Gleichschaltung, Enabling Law and the creation of a one-party state, death of Hindenburg, system of government and administration, censorship and propaganda, machinery of terror courts, SS, Gestapo, concentration campsNight of the Long Knives, treatment of opposition, religious policy, benefits of Nazi rule.

Jews, Socialists and Communists in a massively negative light. In the context of each Study Topic studied, there will be one sub-question of each of the following types: The question paper for each option contains three essay questions set for each Study Topic. The first elections to the Bundestag of West Germany were held on 15 Augustwith the Christian Democrats emerging as the strongest party.

When necessary for clarity, pre-modern English and translations of documents from foreign languages are modernised. Broadcasting in public places was used. Killed by a Czech resistance group in ; several days later the entire male population of the village of Lidice was shot as revenge.

This meant that the laws were not always best for the people.

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Germany Revision. Exam Board: OCR Level: AS/A-level Subject: History First Teaching: September First Exam: Summer Target success in OCR AS/A-level History with this proven formula for effective, structured revision; key content coverage is combined with exam preparation activities and exam-style questions to create a revision guide that students can rely on to review, strengthen and test their.

GCSE History OCR - All about Nazi Germany. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Learn about and revise Weimar Germany between and with this BBC Bitesize History (OCR A) study guide. Homepage. August – with bank notes costing more to print than they were worth.

This is an OCR endorsed resource Build strong subject knowledge and skills in A Level History using the in-depth analysis and structured support in this tailor-made series for OCR. My Revision Notes: OCR AS/A-level History: Democracy and Dictatorships in Germany 30 Dec by Nicholas Fellows.

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Germany ocr notes as
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BBC Bitesize - GCSE History - Weimar Germany - OCR A - Revision 1